Get your own Detective Pikachu in Pokemon Go's latest event



Are you jazzed up for the release of Pokemon Detective Pikachu this week? Currently being heralded as the first good video game film adaptation, Niantic has decided to run an event in Pokemon Go to promote the movie. The obvious prize will be a chance to catch a Pikachu with a detective hat (HE’S TOTALLY DIFFERENT!), but the encounter rates for creatures featured in the film will be turned up, as well.

The event will start this Tuesday, May 7, and run until next Friday, May 17. As mentioned above, all of the critters featured in Detective Pikachu will have increased spawn rates in the wild. Using the game’s camera feature, you’ll have a chance to be photobombed by the cute detective, which you can then add to your collection of hat wearing Pikachu’s. Some specially themed raids (likely Mewtwo) and items will be available, as well, to really show your love for the film.

While not the most elaborate thing around, this seems like a fitting way to promote the movie. In some unrelated news, you can also buy a Snubbull and Psyduck from Build-A-Bear Workshop. They’re super cute and cuddly and you can bring them to the movie theater with you on Thursday…your kids can, I mean. I wouldn’t do that…