Ghibli meets Zelda: Breath of the Wild once again in this stunning poster



We’re no strangers to hunting down Zelda x Ghibli art here at Destructoid. This homage to My Neighbor Totoro from artist Wahoo is fantastic, as is this Lupin-esque take on Princess Zelda and Linkfrom Salvamakoto.

But seeing as there’s no shortage of Studio Ghibli and Zeldafans, there’s plenty of more where that came from. Recently, artist “BigSkyCastle” Jo shared a poster for a potential Zeldamovie in the style of Ghibli. The scene is set at Link and Zelda meet on Hyrule Field, with the shadow of Hyrule Castle (and presumably Ganon’s spirit) looming behind them.

After the art blew up, Jo mused: “if I knew people were gonna give it this much attention I would’ve worked on it a little longer; [people] keep bullying me for making Link [too] lanky.” Nah, it’s great! If you’re interested, you can find a print of it here.

BigSkyCastle [Twitter]