Ghost Recon Breakpoint's Terminator event definitely didn't get Arnold's likeness


First look at the two-part event

On the heels of yesterday’s teaser trailer for Ghost Recon Breakpoint‘s Terminator-themed event, Ubisoft has shared a proper look at Skynet’s crossover with Auroa.

It’s a two-part live event, and this new trailer seems to indicate that the first half (launching January 29) will focus on a T-800 disguised as a human who’s wreaking havoc. It’s very much the original Terminatordesign but without the rights to Arnold Schwarzenegger’s likeness. There’s a nondescript badass — one who could definitely be an action star, but who definitely isn’t Arnold — killing without mercy or discretion.

The second part (launching February 1) appears to be centered around the facility where T-800s are manufactured. Here, there are several T-800 metallic endoskeletons, all taking up arms. Also, that non-Arnold has part of his face ripped off, and you just know that probably pissed him off.

As rewards, the Terminatorevent has a few free items. The event-exclusive items are: the RT5 Shepherd Terminator vehicle, Shredded T-800 facial paint, an Uzi, the Starfield X4 Terminator vehicle, the Resistance Helmet, and an AR-18. But, let’s be real — taking out a Terminator or a dozen is reward enough.