Ghost Recon Wildland's next DLC is the closest we'll get to a new Punisher game


Jon Bernthal stars as Not Frank Castle

From out of the blue, Ubisoft has announced that the new free DLC for Ghost Recon Wildlands will feature the likeness of Jon Bernthal. Famous for his stint as Frank Castle on Netflix’s short-lived Punisher series, Bernthal looks to be playing a character that is probably named Hank Castle. I mean, this might as well be the Punisher in everything but name, because holy cow does he evoke the same attitude.

In actuality, this new DLC will be called “Operation Oracle” and will introduce Team Ghost to the likes of Cole D. Walker. Walker (played by Bernthal) is a “Ghost Team Leader with his own agenda,” and has been sent to Bolivia to extract an engineer that has been captured by La Unidad. Since the engineer is familiar with Skell Technology (a company in the Tom Clancy-verse that equips Team Ghost, Team Rainbow, and Fourth Echelon with firearms), you and your squadmates will need to rescue the man before he can divulge any information.

The update will be hitting Wildlands on May 2. To let people test it out, Ubisoft will be hosting a free weekend for Wildlands on all platforms. From May 2 until May 5, you and your buddies can hop on your respective platforms of choice (PC, PS4, or Xbox One) and play the entire game if you want. To start “Operation Oracle,” you’ll need to finish the first mission of Wildland’s campaign. After that, it will be available in the Montuyoc region.

A bunch of unlockables will be available for players that complete the mission. You’ll receive a new takedown animation, Walker’s tattoo, and even a skin of Walker to don on your Ghost soldier. For the low price of free, one can’t complain about all of these goodies.

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