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Give us your feedback on Atlus' games, ports and remakes, inmate

Max out your Atlus confidant with American survey

“There you are, Inmate. Oh, we’re so glad you finally joined us… Now listen up! Our masters at Atlus have had a profitable few years, thanks to the gifts generously bestowed upon you like Persona 5, Persona Dancing, Etrian Odyssey Nexus and Dragon’s Crown Pro. Not that you deserved any of them. Anyway, it seems that our masters want to hear your feedback on these products. Why your opinion matters to anybody I don’t know… Tell ’em, Justine.”

“If you live in the U.S, then we have prepared a survey for you, helping us to attain enlightenment on your desired games, sequels and remakes… No doubt our masters wish to use your feedback in their upcoming plans. So, if you wish for a Persona 2 PS4 remake, or a particular… umm… ‘Switch port,’ then look to your heart and capture this opportunity to fulfill those dreams. Don’t forget to include your personal details… I hear Caroline is most eager to receive them…”

“S-SHUT UP! Hey! Enough talk! This stupid survey’s waiting for you right here. Huh, I guess we probably have to remind you AGAIN that it’s only available to U.S. citizens. Now, hurry up and get to it… You better not let us down, Inmate.”

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