Giveaway: Paper Dungeons Crawler (Steam)


Win one of 10 copies!

Well hello there my friends! It’s been awhile since I’ve graced the ole fp, but I bring with me goodies! Courtesy of the awesome folks at Agent Mega, we have their newest game: Paper Dungeons Crawler up for grabs! The game is delivered via Steam code, and is PC/Mac/Linux compatible. I’m a huge sucker for anything rogue like (shocking to those that know me, I know), and I’m really digging this one. Especially the magic system, that sees you drawing runes on the hud, to cast spells. I enjoy the leveling system as well, and see myself sinking quite a number of hours into this one. Anyway, enough of my poor descriptions, let’s look at a lovely screenshot, and get a blurb from the Steam page:


From Steam:

“Dynamic turn by turn classic Roguelike with an unique casting system. Easy to play and hard to master!

Explore the mysterious Dungeons of Cyndaria and unearth an extensive lore. A plethora of creatures and magical items are waiting for you to step into ever-changing dungeons, with diverse biomes and challenges.

Defeat Dragon bosses to unleash hidden runes and recover the sacred seeds of Cyndaria to restore the divine trees.

Dungeons can be unforgiving: be sure to eat and rest in time, use all your abilities wisely. Nothing stops you from skipping bosses to rush and move to the next dungeon, but you’ll also meet true death if you don’t take time to level up your character and abilities.”

Ready to adventure? Curious on how to win a copy? All you have to do to snag one, is comment below with your favorite class from a rogue/rogue-like!Ten random entries will be chosen.Giveaway ends 8/4/18 @ 11:59 PM PST, and winners will be contacted through email, shortly after. Thanks for participating, and if you can’t wait to get your hands on it, the game can be bought directly on Steam here, for $9.99 USD. Good luck!