Giveaway: Say hello to your new copy of Adios Amigos


Saludos a su juego nuevo

Space, the final frontier. These are the voyages of Destructoid. Its two-month mission: To give away free games. To seek out new free games from different genres. To boldly give out more games than any gaming website has done before!

So grab your helmet and your first mate, because today we’re sending you to space in the cooperative platform/puzzler Adios Amigos for Steam and Xbox One!

Let developer Cosmic Picnic tell you about it:

In Adios Amigosyou play as 1-4 small alien space-traveler(s). Your space ships navigation computer (ZING) has lost track of where you are and now you and your friends have to help them find their way home.

To get home you will have to traverse a number of solar systems without your spaceship running out of fuel. To progress you need to explore. Every new discovery will award you star-points that ZING needs to plot a jump to the next solar system.Secrets and riddles are scattered around the galaxy so bold explorers will be rewarded.

The key to progressing is to be smart when navigating each solar system. Keep a close eye on your trajectory and take advantage of gravity to avoid burning too much fuel with your thrusters.

We encourage playing Adios Amigosin co-op together with children. It is a lot of fun! Although the game is hard, the co-op experience is designed let each player participate only as much as they are comfortable with. All complicated or dangerous maneuvers can be performed by the player that feels most comfortable. If a player is really young or not used to handling game-controllers you can activate “Rookie” mode for that player, which simplifies the control-scheme and limits their ability to accidentally end up in dangerous situations.

Free games not enough for ya? How’s about a custom-built LEGO model set from the dev team? Check these out:

The developers are building out four LEGO dioramas of the game’s characters and ship, and the best part? They’re shipping ANYWHERE! That’s right, since we’re not putting this one to post, this contest isn’t limited to the United States.

Want in on the action? Comment below telling us your platform of choice and your signature move for acquiring ZING to fuel your ship. Mine is stepping out of the spacecraft onto the surface of a new planet, taking a deep breath in anticipation of starting my awe-inspiring speech, and immediately falling into the nearest chasm to be rescued by the space-ambulance. I’ve picked up plenty of ZING with that one!

We have 10 Steam and 10 Xbox One keys to give out. Winners will be randomly selected on Monday, September 17. Four of our winners will be randomly selected as lucky recipients of a LEGO diorama. Make sure you comment using a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file.

Adios Amigos is available today on Steam and Xbox One.