Giveaway: Sock it to your backlog with a new copy of Socketeer!


When will the free games end?!

More games should really star adorable robots who use their enemies’ weapons and abilities against them as they hack, slack, burn, and crash their way through space stations infested with sentient AI hell-bent on deprogramming you once and for all.

But since more games aren’t exactly that, at least we’re able to give away a whole mess of keys for Socketeer, a game that is about all of that!

From Ice Beam Games:

SOCKETEERis an action-roguelike about hacking enemy robots to control their abilities and survive. You have no weapons but are surrounded by enemies who do. Strategically master other bots’ abilities to advance deeper in each space station stronghold.

  • HACKover 10 unique robots and use their attacks to defeat your enemies.
  • BLASTopen the hull to suck enemies out into space but don’t get caught yourself.
  • PURCHASEupgrades at the shop OR risk hacking the Shopkeeper to take it all for FREE.
  • FINDand hack secret treasure chests for valuable loot and unlock new abilities.
  • USEenvironmental traps like lava pits, explosive canisters, stun lasers, and more to defeat enemies quickly.

Sound good? Good, because we have 25 keys each for PS4 (NA), Xbox One, and Steam to give away! Comment below with your platform of choice, telling us your special robot ability that can be hacked, to enter to win. My robot ability is very lifelike human emotion…but I can’t smile or laugh — I can only cry. And I do it a lot. Not sure how that’d be helpful, but if enemies get too many tears on them they might rust, which sounds pretty useful.

Winners will be drawn Saturday, August 25. Our PS4 codes are for North American PS accounts only. Make sure you comment with a Dtoid account that has your current email address on file. If I can’t email you, I can’t give you a free game and you’ll trigger my special robot ability.

Socketeer is available now on Steam, PS4, and Xbox One.