Giveaway: Take a key and enjoy the KartRider: Drift closed beta


Through June 3

[Update: The closed beta starts June 3!]

In today’s giveaway you can take a closed beta key for KartRider: Drift!

It’s the weekend, so I won’t bog you down with too much chatter for this one: We’ve got tons of closed beta keys for upcoming free-to-play kart racer, KartRider: Drift, and need you to take them all. Or just one. Or however many you want or need.

Just take some keys, damn it!

KartRider finally makes its way to western audiences as KartRider: Drift, a free-to-play (and crossplay!) kart racer dripping with charm. This multiplayer racing game features various game modes, classic kart action, and tons of deep customization for both your driver and your kart. Cutesy graphics meet tight arcade controls in this one-of-a-kind title.

  • Experience the newest free-to-play title in the popular franchise with over 300 million players! Discover the cross-platform multiplayer kart racer featuring high definition Unreal Engine 4 graphics that is the most expansive, accessible, & competitive kart racing title ever!
  • Race Together Anytime & Anywhere! KartRider: Drift is easy to pick up and play across PC & Xbox with No Pay Walls completely free to play with friends across the globe.
  • Take control in the only kart racing game with high definition Unreal Engine 4 graphics & full freedom to personalize your ride. Endlessly customize your character to fit your own unique personality & craft the perfect kart to cross the finish line & top the leaderboards in style.
  • Elevate your game through the fastest & most competitive multiplayer sprints in Kart Racing – KartRider: Drift‘s exclusive Speed Mode. Push yourself to the limit with Speed Mode’s precise controls, advanced drifting system, & highly skilled gameplay. With no items & no RNG, success on the track is determined by skill & mere seconds.
  • More than any other kart racing title, KartRider: Drift is a living, online multiplayer game that is always adding new karts, characters, skins, tracks, & customization.

So, what are you waiting for? Take a key from one of the widgets below. We have Xbox One, Steam, and Nexon Launcher keys to give away, so redeem your key of choice and hit the road.

We have 1,000 keys for each platform to give away across the network; once they’re gone, they’re gone! The closed beta starts June 3.

KartRider: Drift is in development now with a full release scheduled for later this year.