Giveaway: Valkyria Chronicles 4 (Switch, XB1, PS4) NA


We have a copy for (almost) each system!

Hello folks! The lovely folks at Sega have given us a copy for each of the consoles! A copy of what you ask? The sequel to the beloved Valkyria Chronicles series, silly! That’s right, we have one copy for each system of Valkyria Chronicles 4!

Sorry PC folks, maybe if you bug Wes, he’ll have something afterthe weekend though.

Not quite sure if you’re interested? Well head over to Josh Tolentino’s review, and give it a read. As for how to win:Post a comment below, detailing your favorite game in the series (or why you want to play it, if you haven’t) and what system you’d like to have it on. Then make sure your Disqus email is on point, because I’ll picking three entries and sending their codes there. You have until Oct. 13 @ 11:59 PST to enter. Good luck.