Giveaway: We've got 69 (nice) keys to give away for helicopter shooter Comanche


The perfect number

We’ve got a Steam giveaway going for helicopter shooter Comanche!

Well, this is an unexpected surprise: THQ Nordic has brought back Comanche as a modern chopper battler. It’s got online multiplayer, some single player missions, drone, killer helicopters — it’s got pretty much everything you’d expect from the series.

We’ve got 69 (nice) Early Access keys to give away so you can give it a shot for yourself. Take one before they’re gone!

Read this while I try to figure out how to fly this thing.

After the Iran-US RQ170 incident, in which a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) was hacked and captured through cyberwarfare, the US army secretly revived the development of the RAH-66 helicopter program for special operations. The goal was to develop a highly maneuverable, highly advanced stealth war machine for impervious and mountainous terrain, that can deploy unhackable low-range drones to operate in high-risk environments. The program was a full success, and the Comanche special units seemed unstoppable in their missions.

But then the blueprints leaked through a whistleblower website, and so every group and power, who could afford it, built and modified the Comanche for their own purposes. A new era of helicopter warfare had begun.

Comanche is a modern helicopter shooter set in the near future. You have the choice to delve into the evolving singleplayer and make a difference in a conflict of global proportions or compete with other Comanche players from all around the world in the explosive team-based multiplayer modes.

  • Steer your high-tech Comanche into air-to-air dogfights. Switch to your drone seamlessly, and engage in close quarter combat inside buildings and tunnel systems to initiate or repel hacks.
  • You wanted it, you’ll get it! Due to popular demand Comanche will include an evolving singleplayer mode. Use your skills to fight yourself through the first conflict, which will extend on a global scale during Early Access (more missions to come).
  • Show your skills in different squad based multiplayer modes! Play either as the attacker or defender in the explosive objective-based multiplayer mode Infiltration or coordinate with your team to find the fastest way to achieve the most takedowns in the fast paced multiplayer mode Blackbox.

Why are they called dog fights if they’re helicopters? I don’t know.

To claim a key, simply redeem from the widget below. Take it to Steam, punch it in, and let the battle begin!

We have 69 (nice) keys to give away across Dtoid and PC Invasion — once they’re gone, they’re gone. Grab one now!

Comanche is available now via Steam Early Access.