Nintendo 64 classic Glover returns on PC April 20


Lend them a hand

I know that you’re all frothing at the mouth for news of that rumored Glover comeback, but I’m afraid I just don’t have anything for you right now. I can tell you, however, that the fingered fanatic will be making a return to PC next month, via a Steam rerelease of their original 1998 platform adventure.

Originally launching on PC and Nintendo 64, Glover sees the titular magical glove embark upon a hazardous quest to rescue their owner: a wizard who has unfortunately turned themselves to stone following a spell gone wrong. And thus, accompanied by a handy rubber ball, our brave glove traverses 30 stages of 3D platforming action, dodging traps, bashing baddies, and locating the mystical gems that will restore life to their hapless master.

Developed by home-coding legends The Oliver Twins (of Dizzy fame) Glover did not exactly set the 3D platforming world on fire upon its release, but still entertained plenty of fans with its colorful visuals, cutesy style, and smart integration of glove-and-ball based puzzle work. While this rerelease should be necessarily considered a full bells-and-whistles remaster, Publisher Piko Interactive has noted that the Steam edition will be a fresh build from the original N64 source code, and will feature some (as yet undisclosed) improvements.

As for a full Glover remake or sequel… Well, perhaps this very rerelease will pave the way, or at least tell Piko whether or not there is a call for such a project. That’s how it worked for Kao the Kangaroo, which is set to receive a full remaster specifically because its Steam re-release was such a surprising success.

Glover launches on PC (via Steam) April 20.