Go on the ultimate bro trip with Final Fantasy XIV's first four-player mount


Noctis, sweet ride

Final Fantasy XIV‘s next expansion is bringing a ton of stuff to the table (including a NieR crossover raid), but before its July release there’s more upgrades on the horizon. Following the February 12 launch of patch 4.45, Noctis from Final Fantasy XV will invade the world of Eorzea. It was just a matter of time given that he’s invaded just about every other game and genre known to mankind.

While you can hang with Noctis and get some bro time, which is a cool enough bonus (XIII‘s Lightning has crossed over into XIV in the past, as well as Dragon Quest and a few more oddballs like Yo-Kai Watch) there’s an even bigger reward at stake: the first four-player mount. Yep, it’s the Regalia, the crown prince car itself, and it’s a four player ride with flight capabilities, just like XV.

While it seems just plain cool on the surface with no caveats, XIVplayers are probably scratching their heads wondering how grindy it will be. Without any details at the moment and with how high profile this mount is, we can probably assume “very.”