Godfall is getting a new expansion, and also a PS4 version


More Godfall to go around?

Gearbox’s looter-slasher Godfall got off to a rocky start, but with some new updates on the way, it looks like Counterplay Games is trying to turn things around.

The previously PS5 and PC-exclusive Godfall will be coming to PlayStation 4, with cross-gen co-op and a free PS5 upgrade path. Gearbox also confirmed today that two new updates are on the way: the Fire & Darkness expansion and the free Lightbringer upate.

These updates will introduce the Fire Realm, the largest realm in Godfall to date, as well as new missions, cutscenes, a beta for an endgame matchmaking system and new endgame activities, and a bunch of new loot and cosmetics.

It all arrives on Aug. 10 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC via the Epic Games Store. While it’s not expanding out to any other console families, maybe the odd last-gen port will bolster numbers and bring some attention back to Godfall.