Godfall won't let you play offline in single-player


I can’t imagine paying $70 for this game

Even if you’re playing Godfall alone, without a co-op assist, you’ll still need to be online – hopefully your connection is stable and the servers aren’t hammered into submission during the PS5 launch window.

The online-only caveat was spotted on a PlayStation listing and confirmed by Counterplay Games.

Godfall is not a service game, but does require an internet connection to play.

— Godfall (@PlayGodfall) October 2, 2020

Not that I’ve been paying much attention to Godfall – I really, truly haven’t – but this detail could be easily missed by players who want another early PS5 game and land on this one. It’s worth highlighting.

Other action-RPGs have forced players to maintain an internet connection to keep things fair for everyone, but in this case, where players are fighting the AI with decked-out character builds in PvE battles instead of facing each other in PvP skirmishes, it’s hard to accept. It just feels limiting.

I do like the note that Godfall isn’t a “service game,” though – nice little bullet point.

[Via VG247]