GOG.com's summer sale has System Shock 2 for free


During the first 48 hours

The summer sale at GOG.com began today and even if you are fully committed to not spending another cent growing your backlog, it’s worth a look. There are freebies to be found. Good ones, too!

To score System Shock 2, a classic first-person shooter RPG that led to games like BioShock, you’ll just need to download and install the GOG Galaxy client. That offer is available during the first 48 hours of the sale, and if you don’t want to keep Galaxy, you don’t need to.

For the other free games, you can earn XP for the site by checking in daily and collecting badges for doing simple tasks like adding ten games to your wishlist or visiting specific web pages. With enough XP, you’ll earn Spelunky, Gabriel Knight, and Dreamfall Chapters at no extra cost.

The sale will be around for a while. It runs until Wednesday, June 22 at 8:59am Eastern. As far as deals, there are a bunch of dirt-cheap oldies and you can score The Witcher 3 with its expansions for $49.99.