GOG just brought back Star Wars: Episode I Racer


The joys of podracing

Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace led to the creation of a memorable late-’90s racing game, Star Wars: Episode I Racer, and for that I am thankful. All of my memories are relegated to the Nintendo 64 version, but it was also available for PC and eventually ended up on Dreamcast.

Today, Episode I Racer lives on thanks to GOG with an updated and optimized PC release. The podracing game will normally run you $9.99, but there’s currently a 15 percent launch discount.

I was truly terrible at this game when it was new and never made much progress since, but I liked it a lot at the time. If you’re in the mood for old Star Wars games but aren’t as down with Episode I Racer, GOG also has a bunch of other titles — including X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter — on sale for the next week.