Gold subscribers can play Just Cause 3 for free on Xbox One right now


Why not check it out just ’cause?

Explosive sandbox title Just Cause 3 has been made available as part of the Xbox Live Gold Free Play Days campaign. Gold subscribers can check the game out gratis from today until May 6.

Originally released back in 2015, Just Cause 3 sees death-defying mercenary Rico Rodriguez back doing what he does best: annihilating the shit out of everything. Set on the fictional Mediterranean island of Medici, Rico goes all gung-ho revolutionary when his home falls under the dictatorship of tyrant General Di Ravello.

What follows is a lot of open-world adventure, peppered with as many side-quests and collectibles as it is with hot lead and explosive shrapnel, as Rico brings chaos and destruction to the totalitarian regime in a slew of imaginative ways.

Should you decide to pull the trigger (no pun intended) on the full game, Just Cause 3 will be available at a huge discount, as will all of its DLC, for the duration of the trial.