Good lord, there are 100,000 Achievements


2.79 percent of them are unobtainable

According to TrueAchievements, 100,000 Achievements exist across Xbox 360, Xbox One, Windows, and other supported platforms. Think of all that sweet, sweet Gamerscore!

Scale aside, I was most interested to hear what the top five most-earned Achievements were:

  • Cluster Buster in Hexic HD (Get a total of 25 combos across all of your games)
  • Landfall in Halo 3 (Finish the first mission of the Campaign on Normal, Heroic, or Legendary)
  • Two Birds with One Stone in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (Kill 2 enemies with a single bullet in Single Player or Special Ops)
  • Prison Breakout in Gears of War (Completed tutorial level on any skill level)
  • Star Gazer in Hexic HD (Form a cluster of three bonus-star pieces)

Also notable: “Currently, 2.79% of Achievements are unobtainable, made up of 1.08% that have never been obtainable and 1.71% that are discontinued (usually due to server closures).”

I don’t pay much attention to Achievements and Trophies these days unless I’m bordering on obsession with the game in question and the road to full completion mostly falls in line with how I’d play normally (i.e., no weird workarounds, or leaving a game running for X hours). Looking through these stats brings me back to the Xbox 360’s early days when I’d put up with that stuff.

Xbox Milestone – 100,000 Achievements Available [TrueAchievements — Thanks, Dave]