Gotham Knights sets a release date for October


The Bat-Family sets a date for their fight against crime

Co-op action game Gotham Knights has finally set a release date. WB Games Montreal’s brawler will take to the streets of Gotham on Oct. 25, 2022.

The new date was revealed this morning, and shared on social media. Though originally set for a 2021 launch, Gotham Knights was delayed into 2022 almost a full year ago. The Bat Crew is now finally getting their chance to take on crime this fall, instead.

Gotham will always need its heroes. Suit up for an all-new adventure on 10.25.22. #GothamKnights

— Gotham Knights (@GothamKnights) March 9, 2022

The set-up of Gotham Knights is that Batman is dead (presumably), and his many protégés must take up the Bat-Mantle and fight the evildoers of Gotham in his stead. It’s an action game that takes after the Batman: Arkham series, but with character-specific moves and abilities in play.

The four playable heroes are Robin, Batgirl, Nightwing, and Red Hood. It’s also set to feature several Bat-verse villains—one of the early trailers centered around Mr. Freeze—but puts the Court of Owls at the center of the drama. The secret society is up to no good, and there’s a legion of angry owl-fighters to back them up.

Those itching for some more heroic, Arkham-style adventures have been waiting patiently for more news on Gotham Knights. Now at least, the co-op brawler has set a date and looks to be one of the first big fall releases on the calendar. No doubt that timeframe will start to fill up as we get into the summer of game announcements, but Gotham Knights is getting out ahead of the pack and setting its sights on October 25.