Gotta dress 'em all with these Animal Crossing: New Horizons custom designs


Surely someone out there wants to be Wesley Crusher

Unconventional times require an unconventional look, and thanks to Animal Crossing: New Horizons, you can achieve exactly that with custom designs. Players around the world have created thousands of unique designs, and in this video, I’m showcasing ten that are noteworthy enough to shove into the spotlight.

You can turn your villager into Ash Ketchum, a Jedi, or even an iconic video game character like Donkey Kong or Mega Man. Don’t like a certain islander? Give them the Wesley Crusher sweater to remind them of their limited time left on your island. That’s just one of the many possibilities you can achieve with custom designs.

To access these designs and more, you’ll need to unlock the Custom Design Portal at the Able Sisters’ shop. A Nintendo Switch Online subscription is required to utilize this feature.

If you enjoyed the video and have your own custom patterns and creations, be sure to share your creator codes down below. I’d love to check out some more stuff from within the Destructoid community and maybe even shine a spotlight on them with a future video!