Grab a new helmet while playing Decap Attack on your phone


Don’t lose your head…or do, I’m not your mother

In my quest to tangentially link all of my headlines of Sega’s mobile offerings to the respective game, I drew a bunch of blanks with Decap Attack. What do you even title this? The oddball Genesis classic has you playing as some mummy looking creature that tosses its head at enemies to attack them. To say this game is weird would be an understatement, but its actually not a bad game.

If you’re curious about Decap Attack, why not give it a try on your mobile device of choice? Sega has just added the game to their ever expanding collection of classic games, SEGA Forever, for Android and iOS devices. This new port includes bluetooth controller support, leaderboards and cloud saves along with a nice, low price of free. You can pay $1.99 to remove ads, if you wish to do so.

While I’m not sure if on-screen buttons would do this game any favors, I’ve actually managed to sit down and beat it in the various Genesis collections that I’ve owned. It is definitely worth at least a look for being so ludicrous and charming.