Grab Udon's Street Fighter V Wrestling Special on Free Comic Book Day 2017


The gorgeous ladies of Capcom Wrestling take the spotlight

Professional Wrestling has seen many ups and downs in the past 60 years, but with not one but two recipients of the Stone Cold Stunner headed to the White House in 2017, the sport’s cultural relevance is arguably greater than ever. At this point, I would be thoroughly unsurprised if the Republican National Convention 2020 merges with Wrestlemania to become one mega pay-per-view event, featuring Trump as the new Billion Dollar man and Ben Carson as his Virgil.

What’s more surprising is the drought of original Wrestling games on the market today. While the upcoming Wrestle Wrun looks fantastic, it’s not enough to fill the void left by such classics as Nintendo’s Pro Wrestling, Sega’s Wrestle War, and Capcom’s Saturday Night Slam Masters. It’s that last title that I imagine that most of you are more familiar with, as it features popular irony-comedy wrestling mayor Mike Haggar. He’s one of a few fictional wrestlers that remain prominent in Capcom’s modern fighting game library, with R. Mika being the one to make the most headlines in recent years.

It all makes me wonder why Capcom won’t greenlight a new Women’s Wrestling game starring Mika and her many allies and opponents fromIwashi Ga Hama Japan Women’s pro-wrestling division. Maybe they’re waiting to see how well people react to the concept in comic form? Like with their upcoming Darkstalkers Vs. Street Fighter comic, Udon is testing the waters for the concept an idea that is sure to put a smile on fan’s faces.

So be sure to make it to your local comic shop early if you want to snag this Wrestling Special. Udon’s Free Comic Book Day 2016 Street Fighter V Specialdisappeared off store shelves in minutes, and I’m sure next year’s Special will be no different.