Grading Microsoft's 2017 E3 press conference


Few exclusives, but lots of games

The first big, big, big E3 2017 press conference has come and gone. I’m choosing not to count EA because I’ve already forgotten what was there. Something about a Madden story mode and Battlefront II looking like how Battlefront should’ve in the first place. Meanwhile, Microsoft has finally stopped cockteasing the Scorpio — or, Xbox One X — price and admitted its the $500 we expected. Yikes. Yikes.

On the other hand this is probably the best Microsoft E3 conference in my six plus years at Destructoid! They pulled a Sony and just went games games games bleeding into one another. No one tried to sell me a subscription media service. There wasn’t even any focus on sports games (not counting their exclusive, Forza Motorsport). Wow!

On the third hand, a lot of the games were known (EA understandably teased Anthem the day before) or not exclusive. Plus with Microsoft’s few, full exclusives all are playable on Windows, which kind of undercuts their exclusivity if you have a PC (and could undercut the point of an Xbox One X). But hell yeah, new Metro! And a Cuphead release date, holy shit! Not a bad showing.