Grading Sony's 2017 E3 press conference


It was aight

After a couple years of killing it, Sony finally had an off year. That’s not to say its E3 2017 presentation was bad. It might even have been better than Microsoft’s. But the bulk of Sony’s show included new looks at big announcements from Sony’s show last year (God of War 4, Days Gone, Spider-Man) and PSX (Uncharted: Lost Legacy) and earlier (Detroit: Become Human), all of which are welcomed, but aren’t mad exciting.

The (new) Shadow of the Colossus remaster would’ve been cooler if the game didn’t already have a PS3 remaster, while Monster Hunter: World was a good reveal, but would’ve been a real feather in Sony’s hat if weren’t also coming to Xbox One (and PC, later).

It was ok. It was a tight hour. Just nothing explosive. Mama said there’d be presentations like this.