Gran Turismo 7 State of Play spotlights a deep, highly polished sequel


Shut Up and Drive

Last night saw Sony hold a brand new State of Play presentation, entirely focused on Polyphony Digital’s upcoming racing simulator, Gran Turismo 7. In a “deep dive” video breakdown, fans were rushed with a 30-minute breakdown of the new sequel’s mechanics, features, and modes, accompanied by some very polished-looking visuals, as is to be expected from the typically classy driving franchise.

Eschewing the more open approach of Gran Turismo Sport, Polyphony Digital is aiming to take the Gran Turismo series back to its roots, offering players a career-style journey that will see them behind the wheel of several modest starter cars, eventually working their way up through eye-watering high-performance vehicles and stunning concept models. In all, some 400 cars are expected to be available at launch, with a buy-and-sell scheme that hopes to reflect each model’s real-world value.

Gran Turismo 7 will feature what looks to be the deepest customization mode in series history, with players able to tinker with their vehicle with razor finesse. While the exterior of the vehicle can be decorated in all manner of colors, and emblazoned with liveries, sponsor ads, decals, under the hood fanatics can tweak various components within the vehicle’s engine — fine-tuning speed, acceleration, balance, exhaust output, braking, and Dominic Toretto-pleasing superchargers.

Utilizing the power of new hardware PlayStation 5, fans can expect the famously classy visuals of the GT series to dazzle like never before. Dynamic weather conditions will add to the overall immersion, while the Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Trigger mechanics of the Dual Sense controller will provide authentic levels of control of your chosen mean machine. Just gun it at every corner. That’s what I do.

There is way, way more on offer than I can extol here. Be sure to check out the feature video above for all of the details pertaining to this long-awaited title — sure to be a smash hit among racing fans when it arrives, March 4, on PlayStation platforms.