Granblue Fantasy: Versus adding Belial next month, Cagliostro in October


RPG mode getting new chapters as well

It was a bit odd last December when Arc System Works and Cygames pulled back the curtain on the second season of DLC characters for Granblue Fantasy: Versusbefore the first season had even been revealed. But with such a largeGranbluecast to choose from, it was pretty predictable the DLC train would keep rolling full-steam ahead. After wrapping up its first season with the addition of Zooey, Versusis ready to start its sophomore year with the previously revealed Belial and cute-as-a-button Cagliostro.

Belial will be available for download on September 23 with Cagliostro following in late October. It should be noted due to COVID-19, neither character will launch with their English language voice overs. Twenty-twenty will see one more character added to the season pass with three more to follow in 2021.

Additionally, on August 9 — or late night on August 8 depending on your timezone —Granblue Fantasy: Versuswill update to version 1.40. This update will add Boss Battle Time Attack and Blitz modes, as well as new chapters to the RPG mode.

Granblue Fantasy: Versusis now available on PS4 and PC.