Granblue Fantasy: Versus is out on March 3, 2020


A month after the Japanese launch

Fighting game fans will have to wait just a little longer for Granblue Fantasy: Versus, the latest attention-grabber from Arc System Works. It’s launching in North America on March 3, 2020.

The European release date hasn’t been confirmed yet.

One of my favorite aspects of fighting games is when they have fleshed-out story modes that aren’t just a series of samey one-on-one battles. Versus has a side-scrolling RPG story mode with leveling, gear, and abilities – exactly the sort of thing that can help rope in “every once in a while” fighting fans.

Apart from the standard PlayStation 4 release of Granblue Fantasy: Versus, XSEED is also prepping an $80 Premium Edition with an art book and soundtrack, as well as a fighter pass. On the Season 1 DLC docket, there’s Chaos Bringer, Narmaya, Soriz, Djeeta, and an unknown fifth playable character.

I’m not expecting to play Versus, but it does remind me about Granblue Fantasy ReLink, a co-op action-RPG that’s more my speed. Both of these spin-offs are neat, even as a total Granblue newcomer.

If nothing else, I’ll watch this at EVO!