Granblue Fantasy: Versus will feature a sidescrolling RPG mode


Japanese release also dated

During a Livestream event held yesterday, publisher Cygames announced that its upcoming fighter Granblue Fantasy: Versus (which is being developed by Arc System Works) will be releasing in Japan on February 6, 2020. In addition to that info, the publisher announced that the single-player campaign will take the form of a sidescrolling RPG beat-em-up.

The RPG mode will feature a brand-new story for the Granblue series. Players will collect weapons, power-up their characters, and have access to a range of “Support Actions” such as healing, buffing, debuffing, and special attacks. “Weapon Skins” for the main fighter look to be unlockable from the RPG mode and a two-player, co-op focused “Quest Battle” mode will be available during some boss fights.

While Versus won’t be launching with a huge roster (11 characters at launch with five for the season pass), I honestly love the way the game looks. Arc System Works has nailed its 3D/2D hybrid engine and it makes anime fighters look stunning. Bringing that excellent art direct to a beat-em-up has nearly sold me on this game and I don’t even know anything about the series. There’s still no concrete Western date, but I’d imagine it will launch around the same time as the Japanese one.

Granblue Fantasy Versus Reveals New Side-Scroller RPG Mode; Releases February 6, 2020 In Japan [Siliconera]