Grandia 3 now available via the PlayStation Store


On PS3, not PS4

While I Am Setsunais the hot new JRPG du jour, it wasn’t the only one to grace the PlayStation Store in North America week, as Game Arts has re-released Grandia III under the PlayStation 2 Classics banner.

However, unlike the string of PS2 JRPGs that have recently been ported to PlayStation 4 with up-rendered 1080p visuals (Wild Arms 3,Arc The Lad: Twilight of the Spirit, Dark Cloud, Rogue Galaxy), this one is just a $10 digital version of the 2005/2006 original for PlayStation 3.

Here’s the premise straight from Game Arts:

Grandia III takes the adventure to the skies, putting you in the role of Yuki, a young man with dreams of flying his own plane. He soon comes into contact with a young girl named Alfina, a Communicator who can speak with the Guardians–giant beastlike gods who protect the citizens. As the world faces the greatest danger it has ever known, can a would-be pilot and an inexperienced Communicator save them all?

Prior to this digital re-release, a new ESRB ratingfor the game suggested Grandia III would be coming to PlayStation 4, but the listing has since been updated to reflect the correct platform.

Not-so-fun fact: Grandia III has never been officially released in PAL territories.

Grandia III [PlayStation Store]