Grid Autosport's Switch trailer boasts 'freedom of control'


Tilt controls are the new black

When Grid Autosport was announced for Switch, the first question on many peoples minds was, “How does it control?” For those unaware, the Switch Joy-Con do not have analog triggers, which is crucial for controlling a racing game (especially a simulation one). How were Codemasters and Feral Interactive going to work around the limitation of Nintendo’s chosen input device? It turns out that giving players complete freedom to customize their controls would be it.

If you don’t care about having a throttle with your gas and break, simply select the option that relegates those actions to the triggers. If you’re all about applying slight pressure to the accelerator, you can opt to shift gas and break to the right stick. If you don’t like any of the pre-configured options that Codemasters has come up with, make your own. Go for a mixture of right stick throttle with motion controlled steering. The choice is yours!

That’s likely the best course of action, too. Racing fans take their games very seriously, so locking them out of options would be seen as heresy. By catering to all crowds at once, Feral Interactive has gracefully dodged any criticism that might have come its way. Now we’ll just have to see how well Autosport runs on the Switch.

GRID Autosport for Nintendo Switch – Freedom of Control [Feral Interactive via YouTube]