Grounded's roadmap has me excited about the next few months


Ziplines, koi fish, bees, and mosquitoes are coming up

The future looks bright and bug-filled for Grounded. When the game was first announced, I liked the idea of a shrunken survival game well enough, but it wasn’t until I played it that I appreciated just how much potential there is. Obsidian could flesh out Grounded for years to come and I’d be stoked about it.

After update 0.2.0 with the bird, there’s plenty to look forward to in monthly content updates, but what about bigger-picture stuff? The developers have started outlining their plans with a roadmap.

“As a caveat, we are still in active development, and this board is subject to change based on your feedback, the state of development, what’s best for the game, the unknown, and our future plans. Nothing is set in stone and features could be moved up, pushed back, or unfortunately removed.”

Here’s the rundown as of August 2020:

Coming Soon (approximately a few months off)

  • New Building: Zipline
  • Koi Pond Environment
  • Equipped Items Don’t Use Backpack Space
  • Hedge Environment
  • Password Protected Games
  • Friend Invites
  • New Hostile Creature: Mosquito
  • Localization: French, German, Italian, Spanish
  • New Neutral Creature: Bee
  • New Items: Water Themed Equipment
  • Additional Quality of Life Improvements
  • Signs / Stickers Base Decorations
  • Inventory Management Improvements
  • Additional Crafting Stations
  • Additional BURG.L Quest Types
  • Storage Management Improvements


  • New Creature: Firefly
  • New Creature: Roly Poly
  • Story: Act 1
  • Graphics Option Improvements
  • Full Completable Story
  • Insect Pets Phase 1: Aphids
  • Ant Pheromone Control
  • New Creature: Ant Queen
  • Sandbox Environment
  • Haze Environment
  • Localization: Additional Languages
  • Higher Tier Armor / Tools / Weapons
  • Additional Ant Hills
  • Insect Pet Enhancements
  • Bird Improvements / Additional Interactions

For the future

  • Additional Backyard Environments
  • Additional Creatures and Insects
  • Weather
  • Backyard Changing Events
  • Additional Crafting Materials
  • Base Blueprints: Powered Buildings
  • More Control over World Options / Settings
  • Base Blueprints: Defenses
  • Base Blueprints: Framework for player generated gameplay
  • Base Blueprints: Higher Tier Structures
  • Base Blueprints: Decorations

Future considerations (we are looking into it)

  • Dedicated Server

Ever since I heard that someone found a koi fish in the files, I’ve been dreaming about the possibilities for future updates. Best-case scenario, Obsidian will keep plugging away and end up with a meaningful story, but even if the campaign never truly comes together, I’ll still cherish this memorable game world.

I hope “weather” means what I think it means.

Grounded Feature Board [Obsidian]