Grown man gutted to hear Gardevoir was cut from Pokemon Detective Pikachu


Psychic Pokemon didn’t see this coming

Destructoid writer Chris Moyse was reportedly left reeling at the revelation that Gen 3 Pokémon Gardevoir was ultimately cut from blockbuster moviePokémon Detective Pikachu, despite the film’s writers having scenes planned for the psychic goddess.

Speaking with, Detective Pikachu writers Dan Hernandez and Benji Samit noted that Gardevoir was originally scripted into an early draft, but unfortunately her scenes didn’t make it off the page. “Gardevoir had a cool moment,” said Samit. “There were so many (different drafts) along the way.” Hernandez notes that Golbat is another Pokémon who failed to make the cut, “We had a cool sequence with a Golbat that I really liked. That was a sequence that just didn’t quite make it to the end of the process.”

Regardless, Destructoid’s Chris Moyse, 38, was left feeling “confused” and “hungry” as to why anyone would even consider cutting Gardevoir from the cast, when she clearly would’ve have been the film’s breakout star. “This would’ve been just the beginning” said Moyse in a far-too-wordy statement. “We would’ve seen Gardevoir blow up huge. She’d probably have gone on to star in a WWE-produced action flick with Ronda Rousey… I’ll tell you this much, if Rogue the Bat doesn’t show up in that Sonic movie, I’ll be fucking livid.”

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is currently showing at theatres worldwide.

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