GTA Online finally gets its long delayed Heist update today for all platforms


PC version still on track for April 14

At long last, heists are coming toGTA Online. All you have to do is log on any of the four platforms, start the game up, and download the update — it’s weighing in at roughly 4.5GB on current-gen systems, and 1.5GB on previous generation consoles.

To access the four player co-op heists, you have to be rank 12 inOnline, at which point you’ll get a call from Lester. Follow the “L” mark on your map and you’re good to go. If everyone has completed the current heist, you can “Trip Skip” ahead and avoid all the traveling, at a cost to bonus cash.

You’ll find new gameplay types (sniping, aerial fights), weapons, and vehicles in heists. Have fun!