GTA Online shark cards and bundles on sale thanks to new update


Sure, flying motorcycle makes sense.

This week of E3, we were treated to goodies such as $499 Xbonex, and a ton of games that seemingly all release in 2018… Assuming of course if they all aren’t delayed, which seems to happen more and more often these days. At the same time, Rockstar updated Grand Theft Auto V with the new “Gunrunning” update patch which makes you an arms dealer. The patch also adds flying motorcycles to the game. Sure, why not.

“But wait,” you may say, “I don’t own GTAV” or “I don’t have time to grind in-game cash to buy one of those sweet sweet airbikes in GTA Online.” Well, friends, as long as you’re a PC gamer with loads of cash, your problems are solved. From GTA V bundles to pay-to-win shark cash cards – all items are on sale for the weekend and some of them are quite cheap.

The best prices are at GMG in their aptly titled “Grand Theft Auto V Sale.” Discounts fly as high as 74% off and, despite the name of the sale, even GTA IV Complete is at one of its best prices ever.

    GTA Online Shark Cash Card Deals

    GTA V (and IV) Deals

    If you’re buying GTA V for the first time, the game is half price with a drop to $30.29 for the Rockstar Social digital copy of the game. That said, you really should just spring for an extra $2 and get the GTA V Great White Shark Bundle for $32.30 and you’ll receive an extra $1.25 million in-game GTA Online cash.

    As for the GTA Online Shark Cards, the Great White Shark Card alone is discounted from $20 to $12.74. Even the insanely expensive “Megalodon Shark Cash Card” ($8 million GTA Online cash) is 42% off with a mark down to $58.49. Of course, the Megalodon cash card is a pricey purchase when you factor in the Megalodon Bundle with the game is $12 cheaper. So our take is that if you’re going to grab a Megalodon card, you might as well get the bundle with the game.

    This GTA sale will last through the weekend and they official end on Monday, June 19 at 8am Pacific.