Guild Wars 2 is stalling its Steam release to focus on the new expansion


End of Dragons is the priority

Earlier this year, we were given a teaser taste of Guild Wars 2‘s next expansion: which would later come to be known as End of Dragons.

But while we waited for the next chapter of the Guild Warssaga to begin, ArenaNet dished out some juicy news that the game was coming to Steam (sans account transfers). Well, that plan is changing, at least temporarily. According to a short post from ArenaNet, the company has made the decision to “put the Guild Wars 2Steam release on hold for the time being.”

The reason given? Their “number one priority” is focusing on the End of Dragonsexpansion and the “epic climax” to the current storyline, to deliver “high quality” content. In fact, the first major look at the upcoming Icebrood Saga conclusion is coming this week on November 5.

For those of you who don’t play Guild Wars 2, the idea is that the game is part of a “living” world, where storyline changes can come through major or minor patches. Although other MMOs like World of Warcrafthave “pre-patches” and the like to facilitate similar story arcs, Guild Wars 2is built around its narrative at its core.

While it’s a bummer that the game isn’t coming to Steam anytime soon, I’m sure veterans don’t mind as they can’t transfer their accounts anyway.

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