Guilty Gear reveals Chipp Zanuff, Potemkin and lengthy gameplay video


Break out your Flying V

Arc System Works has dropped a bevy of treats for Guilty Gear fans this morning, with the reveal of two more characters, alongside all new gameplay footage, for its brand new, upcoming title in the hard-rockin’ fighting game series.

The first of the new fighters is hipster ninja Chipp Zanuff, a former American street gang member who has adopted a Japanese profile – as well as the art of ninjitsu – in order to better himself and redeem his prior reputation. A hugely popular character among GG players, Chipp is an incredibly fast-moving fighter, capable of formidable aerial attack and practiced in teleportation arts.

Potemkin is one of Guilty Gear’s most recognisable characters. An elite member of the Zepp guard, Potemkin is an intelligent and philosophical individual, a personality somewhat juxtaposed by his enormous frame and war-ready battle armour. As one of GG’s primary tanks, Potemkin has to make two trips when he wants to haul ass, but is capable of incredible damage, while commanding a huge portion of the play area.

The gameplay video, taken from the latest Arc-Nama live stream – gives us our first look at New Guilty Gear’s gameplay outside of trailer montages, and features all of the revealed characters so far: Axl Low, Sol Badguy, Kykiske, May, Potemkin, and Chipp Zanuff. I gotta say, these new character models are straight gorgeous.

New Guilty Gear (tentative title) is expected to launch on PS4 in 2020. A demo will be available to play at the ArcRevo World Tour Final 2019, held November 16 in Irvine, CA.