Baiken joins Guilty Gear Strive January 28, alongside new 'Combo Maker' feature


Something wicked this way comes…

Her fans have been on tenterhooks for months now, but the prophecy is finally foretold: The wandering warrior woman will be making her grand return to the stage of battle this week, as Baiken joins the Guilty Gear Strive roster in a brand new DLC update.

We’ll be taking a little look at Baiken’s moveset later on today, but for now, let’s just focus on the hard deets. The buxom swordswoman will be available to download on January 28 for all Guilty Gear Strive season pass holders, or will be available to purchase individually from January 31. In addition, a brand new stage, “Lap of the Kami” will offer Baiken an attractive, petal-strewn shrine worthy of her samurai nature. Baiken has gone through something of an overhaul for GG Strive, but more on that later.

Aside from Baiken, January 28 will see developer Arc System Works release a brand new update for all players. This patch will add the all-new “Combo Maker” mode, which will allow players to build slick-looking offense for their favorite characters, before uploading said skills to a database to be shared with other players. This great feature will allow newcomers to find BnB combos to get their foot in the door, while expert players can own their situational game with new attacks they had perhaps not considered.

Guilty Gear Strive is available now on PlayStation and PC platforms. The season pass, which includes characters Goldlewis Dickinson, Jack-O Valentine, Happy Chaos, Baiken, and an as-yet-unannounced fifth character, is available to purchase separately.

(sighs, plugs in arcade stick)

Well, let’s try again…