Guilty Gear Strive hit with a two-month delay


Post-beta blues

If you took part in last month’s Guilty Gear Strivebeta, you probably already know it wasn’t the smoothest experience. Not all betas are, but the feedback from players on this one was enough to convince Arc System Works it needs to spend more time polishing up the game.

The developer revealed on Twitter Wednesday night that it is delaying the highly anticipated fighter from April 9 to June 11. As you can see in the message below, Arc System Works will use the extra development time to work on the game’s online lobbies and server stability.

「Important announcement regarding #GuiltyGearStrive〠

— ArcSystemWorks âž¡ï¸ #GuiltyGearStrive 04.09.21 (@ArcSystemWorksU) March 4, 2021

Pending any further delays, Guilty Gear Strivewill launch this summer for PS4, PS5, and PC.

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