Guilty Gear Strive's starter guides spotlight May and Axl Low


Anchors Aweigh!

Arc System Works has released the next two videos in its “Starter Guides” series, preparing players for this weekend’s beta of the lovely looking anime fighter Guilty Gear Strive. Today’s videos feature the seafaring May and time-traveling rocker Axl Low.

The happy-go-lucky May is a veteran GG star, having first appeared in the original title back in 1998. May is a spunky sea-loving adventurer, well known for her lively personality as well as the big ol’ anchor she hoists into battle. A friend of the ocean, May’s attacks often call upon her aquatic pals, such as sea-lions, whales, and dolphins (that’s one for all you Terrorvision fans).

Axl Low is another long-time Guilty Gear fighter, who again debuted in the series’ original release. This British badass finds himself in the GG universe after slipping out of the 20th century. Now on a mission to return to his own period, Low can’t help but wreck a few heads along the way, facilitated by his long-range sickle attacks, which can pop a foe out of the air, and even provide defense against projectiles.

The Guilty Gear Strive closed beta runs this weekend. ArcSys is currently in the process of contacting successful applicants with invite codes. You can check out the starter guides for Sol Badguy and Ky Kiske right here.

Guilty Gear Strive launches later in 2020 on PS4.