Guitar Hero Live developers muse on the toughest songs in the game


Hangar 18 is on there

With Guitar Hero Liveonly a few weeks away, developer Freestyle Games is sharing its opinions on the most difficult songs in the game, to give players a heads-up of sorts. Said list includes “Hangar 18” (Megadeth), “Cry of Achilles” (Alter Bridge), and “Ghost Walking” (Lamb of God).

I’m not a big fan of Lamb of God, but Ghost Walking sounds fun enough to play guitar-wise. My first eureka moment for a tough song was probably the original Guitar Hero‘s“Bark at the Moon” by Ozzy. I played it constantly so I could learn some new tactics at higher-level play, and once I mastered it, I moved on to everything else.

The Hardest Songs in Guitar Hero Live, as Named by Freestyle Games [Guitar Hero Live]