Gundam the Origin IV is heading to GundamInfo for a limited time


This OVA will make you three times faster

It looks like GundamInfo’sYouTube channel is on a roll lately. They’re streamingGundam ZZ and we’re getting two Build Fighters pieces soon. Another great thing about this wonderfulgiant robot stream-a-palooza is that people can watchMobile Suit Gundam the Origin IV: Eve of Destinyon their page from August 11 to September 11.

While the original manga was an expanded retelling of the original Gundam anime, the OVA series covers the source material’s arc about Char’s backstory, with the fourth installment focusing on how he met Lalah. Other than that, we get to see Amuro’s dad being involved with the creation of the RX-78.

Even though the fourth OVA premiered last November, GundamInfo deserves props for giving their viewers the chance to see it for free. At the same time, it’ll help them get ready for the fifth episode’s release on September 2. If the Red Comet’s influence is strong, we might see more people use Char’s Zaku inGundam Versus.

MOBILE SUIT GUNDAM THE ORIGIN IV Eve of Destiny Limited Time Streaming from Aug 11! [GundamInfo]