Gungrave VR, yes a Gungrave game in 2017, hits Japan this month


December 14 on PSVR

As we discussed a few months ago, Gungrave is coming back. You know, that Gungrave, from Trigun creator Yasuhiro Nightow — the series that was created in 2002 as a video game, then became an anime, was around for a little while, and promptly vanished after another game.

Developer Iggyborn is handling a new VR-centric title, and now it has a release date of December 14. As expected it’s a shooter, and will provide both third and first-person action sequences. I’m tempted to pick it up depending on the price, as I doubt I’ll need a full grasp of Japanese to enjoy it.

If this somehow takes off, and I don’t know if it even has a chance as a niche anime on a niche device, but I would love to see Nightow revive the forgotten and buried Trigun: The Planet Gunsmoke project.