Gunvein is a new shmup headed to PC and consoles in 2022


Just hook it to my gunveins

NGDEV, the independent studio behind ballistic ’90s classics Razion and Gunlord, has announced that it is currently working on a dazzling new shmup, Gunvein, which is currently in production for PC and console platforms.

Gunvein will represent the team’s first foray into HD shmup territory — its previous releases having been originally designed for the Neo Geo platform. A very early work-in-progress teaser certainly ticks all of the boxes for the modern shmup market, including wild palettes of colors, bullet-hell action, an array of weapons and power-ups, screen-filling boss battles, and a pulse-pounding, bass-heavy soundtrack — all set against a sci-fi, interstellar backdrop.

Gunvein is currently in development for PS4, PC, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. It is expected to launch in 2022.