Gwent is coming to mobile platforms later this year


Both iOS and Android

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is chugging along nicely with new expansions (including Crimson Curse, the first major card expansion that’s adding 100 cards into the mix) and campaign content. It just came out officially after all in October of 2018 following a lengthy open beta process, so it stands to reason that CD Projekt Red is going to keep supporting it for a bit amid a relatively tumultuous and competitive digital card game space.

As far as long term support goes it helps to know that the publisher is planning on putting out Gwenton mobile platforms (iOS first, then Android) later this fall as they continue to invest in it. Currently available on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, Gwentwill retain the same visual sheen as core platforms, with other details to come “later this year.”

Not bad! Gwentslowly made its way into my card game rotation (which is Arenaand Elder Scrolls Legendsheavy right now) so I’m glad to hear that there’s a lot more in the works for it.

Gwent Coming to Smartphones [Gwent]