Hades patched on Switch, cross-save estimated for 'sometime in October'


‘Other minor fixes and improvements’

Hades is out on both PC and Switch following a lengthy Early Access period, and for the most part, all is well. There’s just a few loose ends to tie up, most notably some errant bugs and of course: cross-save.

While Supergiant wasn’t able to get the feature out on time for the cross-launch, it will be coming sooner than we anticipated. According to a new tweet from the company this week, the feature will apparently arrive “sometime in October.” For now though, you can download a recent Switch patch that addresses “save data not loading properly,” as well as “several other minor fixes and improvements.”

Supergiant is also aware of several other known issues, like the fact that Achilles won’t give the player the codex (in-game dictionary). That one sounds rough! As for me, I cleaned up my “true ending” runs and completed the final boss on Extreme Measures 4, so I think I’m good for a bit; maybe until I get the itch to finish the epilogue.

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