Hallmark will be selling some classic gaming ornaments this holiday



If you love having novelty ornaments hanging on your Christmas tree, then Hallmark has a real treat for you! Coming this holiday season, the world’s premiere paper store will be selling three brand new ornaments modeled after some of gaming’s biggest icons. You’ll be able to grab a Super Mario Kart, Legend of Zelda and Donkey Kong themed trinket to hang on your tree and let others know you acknowledge the classics.

I’m particularly happy with the Zelda ornament, since Link is left handed. I remember seeing a green t-shirt way back with that image reversed and it always drove me insane. I’m a stickler for little details like that, so kudos to Hallmark.

. @Hallmark has revealed they’re releasing 3 Nintendo ornaments this holiday season!

Mario (from Super Mario Kart), Link (from the first Legend of Zelda), and a Donkey Kong arcade cabinet!

Mario and Link will be available in July, Donkey Kong will be available in October. pic.twitter.com/yo6ruQ0ddi

— VideoGameArt&Tidbits (@VGArtAndTidbits) April 19, 2018

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