Halloween survives second week at the top of the box office


Why won’t he die?

As expected, Halloween held onto the box office top spot for the last weekend before the holiday that it shares its name with, but it came with a price. With a take of 32 million, Halloween shed almost 60% of its take from last week. It was enough to stave off both the other veterans of the box office as well as the newcomer Hunter Killer which opened at a measly 6.7 million and in fifth place. Perhaps it’s time for Gerard Butler to stop?

The top four did not change at all from last week with A Star is Born holding steady at second place, Venom keeping its claws in at third and Goosebumps 2 defying our own Drew Stuart and recouping its shooting budget in its fourth week.

The Hate U Give started leveling off after its meteoric rise last week and First Man continued its descent down the list, looking to come in way under shooting budget. Night School and SmallFoot enjoyed what could possibly be their last week on the top ten and Jonah Hill’s directorial debut Mid90s used its bump up in theater growth to rise ten spots and end up in tenth.

Overall it looks like a quiet weekend but the last weekend in October is notoriously bad for ticket sales, what with people having a social life and going to parties instead of watching movies…who does that? This weekend’s take was enough to push October 2018 over the highest grossing month of October mark which could be owed in part to two big name releases coming out as well as the usual horror cavalcade.

It all changes this weekend with the beginning of the unofficial holiday movie season, which means family and pretentious Oscar bait movies, my favorite!

1.Halloween – $32,045,0002.A Star is Born – $14,145,0003.Venom – $10,800,0004.Goosebumps 2: Haunted Halloween – $7,500,0005. Hunter Killer – $6,650,0006. The Hate U Give – $5,100,0007.First Man – $4,935,0008.Smallfoot – $4,750,0009. Night School – $3,255,00010. Mid90s – $3,000,000