Halo 5's day one update is 9GB, still not as bad as expected


It comes in underweight

Like prize fighters, the heavyweights of the holiday release season all weigh in before their turn in the spotlight. And, they’re called heavyweights for a reason, as their storage capacity requirements tip the scales more often than not. Halo 5falls right in line, but it’s slightly smaller than we initially feared.

Reports from earlier this month pegged Halo 5at 60GB based on a figure on the game’s box. That’s a bit off, as it turns out. Halo 5executive producer Josh Holmes confirmed on Twitter that the day one patch is 9GB.The initial install is 46GB. That adds up to a combined 55GB.

Multiplayer is the main cause for the patch. Holmes mentions that map content is in the update, presumably with other multiplayer substance. That’s typically par for the course when it comes to triple-A titles with multiplayer component.

It’s a hefty install for sure, as 55GB is a significant portion of the Xbox One’s stock 500GB hard drive. Still, it’s somehow not as bad as we thought it’d be. Silver linings and half-full glasses.

@JoshingtonState [Twitter]