Halo 5's multiplayer unlocks come in card packs


The REQ system explained

Halo 5: Guardians will use digital cards to dole out weapons, armors, vehicles, animations, boosts and other unlockable items in multiplayer. We’ve known as much. But in a blog post this week, 343 Industries spoke about this Requisition system (REQ for short) in greater detail.

By playing in Arena or Warzone, you’ll accrue points that can be spent on card packs. These packs will also optionally be available for purchase using real-world money, with a portion of proceeds going toward the Halo World Championship prize pool. Cards vary in rarity, of course. Some are single-use, some are permanent. Only cosmetic items can be used in Arena multiplayer.

The cards look like this:

The idea is to offer a bunch of unlockable content — 1,000 unique REQ cards at launch — with more to come over time. I like the sound of being able to sell back individual single-use cards for points. When it comes to these progression systems, you’re bound to get some duds.

If you’d rather listen than read, 343 got actor Nick Offerman to summarize this stuff. Notably, the video also fields questions about how the REQ system will be balanced for competitive play.

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